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Where Else Can I Find Sara's Work Online?


Dr. Shelli Carter hasn't seen much of her husband, John, lately. She suspects he has taken a mistress . . . but when a text comes in from an unknown caller, everyone's lives are changed forever in Sara Harris's MAKE US A FAMILY.


Whether it's traipsing through medieval England or traveling the war-torn United States after the Civil War, Sara Harris has a story for you!

What are readers saying about MAKE US A FAMILY?

This one needs a visual reenactment ASAP! -Jymmx 

I absolutely love this story! Such a great plot twist that I didn't see coming! - Bronte 

I did not see that coming! Great story! - Katrine

What are readers saying about Sara's work on RADISH?

Makes me feel like I'm lost in Medieval England! - swannann

When are they making A Heart on Hold a movie already? - ashley2

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Little Spoon - a children's book written for my son, Logan.

Find your new favorite already-published best selling books from Sara Harris (formerly Sara Barnard) - from Charlotte and Sanderson of The Everlasting Heart series to Amish rebel Katie Knepp - here. 

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Who is this Sara (Barnard) Harris, anyway? 

A rootless gypsy? A mother? A newlywed? A special education teacher with a background in food service and forestry? YES!


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Jamaica Beach Market 

March 16th 

10 am - 3 pm 

Come purchase books from Sara's backlist or any of her new releases, including her paranormal thriller House of Madness!